Posted by: lolalately | September 8, 2012

What will YOU do?

What will you do today?

What will you do today?

I read this on Twisted Lola’s blog Take chances this morning, and it really got me thinking,  I say “yes” far more than I want to, I deny myself my hearts desires, and I am guilty of putting everyone and everything before myself, despite constantly reminding myself to knock it the hell off.  And even though I’m obviously not alone in this, it’s time to re-make my comittment to me and really apply myself to the task. Starting here, starting now, moving forward.

Tell the truth. I’ve spent far too many hours kicking myself for sparing the feelings of others by keeping my truth to myself. That stops now.  In fact, just moments ago my husband phoned (his plane had just landed) and calmly asked if I was in a better mood today. (read yesterday’s post if you want the back story on that one) I told him that his lack of personal organization had made for two very anxiety-filled days for me this week, anxiety I don’t need.  I told him that he either needs to get organized or stop looking to me to bail him out of his messes, because I’ve done it for the last time. Ohhh that felt so good!

Date someone totally wrong for you.  I’ve done that … like another Twisted Lola follower, I too am married to a man who needs to do much better at loving me, and I too believe in fighting for my marriage and my happiness with every ounce of love and strength that I have in me. That said, I’ve also made up my mind that should I ever find myself single again, I’m done dating.

Say no. My morning began with an over-the-top request from a stepchild, a request to which I said “NO”.  It’s not that I couldn’t have agreed to his request, but it would have been extremely inconvenient to me, as well as time consuming and expensive. It’s true that “the old me” would’ve just sucked it up and done whatever was asked, then cursed under my breath at having been such a door mat. But the new me is done playing door mat to family and friends, and the word NO rolled off my tongue with such ease, you’d think I’d been saying it all my life!

Spend all your cash. That’s the plan!  The furkids need treats and I want some new shampoo, so as soon as I finish here I’m headed to Target for both. And if there’s any cash left after that, I’m goin to Starbucks!!!

Get to know someone random. Hmmm, I’ll have to work on this one. While I’ve been known to strike up conversation while in line at the grocery store, or sitting in the cafe at my local Barnes and Noble, it’s never been more than the casual subjects and I’m not sure that qualifies as “getting to know” someone. Yes, this one will take a bit of effort. We’ll see how it goes.

Be random.  Oh honey, I’m always that! I don’t even put the towels in the same spot in the closet two times in a row. Confuses the hell out of the kids. 😉

Say I love you. I’m pretty darned good at this already, telling my husband, stepkids and furkids that I love them all the time. Even though sometimes I think my husband says ILY by rote, and my stepkids never, ever say it (not that I have ever expected it) and well, my furkids? I know they love me. I’m the one who buys the treats, remember?

Sing out loud. I used to do this in the car ALL THE TIME. I’d even get the odd look from motorists stopped at a light, and still I’d sing. But I have to admit that for better than a year now I turn the music completely off when I’m in my car and I drive in silence. Maybe it’s because the noise in my head is so loud that I can’t concentrate on either if the radio’s on as well. But Twisted Lola is right, it’s time to sing again. In the shower, in the car, while I’m cleaning the house. It’s time.

Laugh at stupid jokes. You got it. Bring on the stupid jokes, my laugh is all ready for ya!

Cry. I did a lot of that yesterday, so I might be a little low on tears today.

Apologize. I do my best not to hurt others, but when I do, I’m good about apologizing. I only wish other people in my life were so good about it.

Tell someone how much they mean to you. That may have to wait until later today when my husband comes home, or tomorrow morning when my always moody teenage stepdaughter arrives for visitation. I remind her often that I love her, even if I don’t like something she’s said or done. Same goes for the hubs.

Tell a jerk what you think. I don’t have a lot of time or energy for jerks, and I try my best to avoid them.  When my husband was being a jerk yesterday, I wasted no time telling him so.

Laugh until your stomach hurts. This hasn’t happened for awhile, but I’m open to it.

Live life. I’m doing my best, as I do each and every day. Some days life’s a breeze, some days I feel like a salmon swimming upstream.

Regret nothing. Up until two years ago I lived with nothing but regret. Thanks to two years of intensive personal therapy (and an awesome therapist) I can honestly say I’m over that. I live each day to the fullest of my abilities and I work hard to live in such a way as to regret nothing. I’ve learned that life is easier this way, and I can sleep better each night knowing I’m not harboring the pain of regret in my heart. I wish the same for everyone.

So, what will I do tomorrow? Start all over again! How about you???




  1. This is so good, loved it! 🙂

  2. Sooo good!

  3. loved it too!
    I thought this quote pulled stuff out of me in a positive way. Way too much negative in my life in the last few years.

    Today I sang out loud with my daughter in my car and with the mp3 player while mowing the yard.

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